What are E-Cigarettes? Where to buy electronic cigarettes

 There’s been something of a new trend beginning with many smokers all over the world in response to growing concerns about the health ramifications of cigarettes, their effect on everyone around the smoker and the growing ban on cigarettes in most public places. As a result of this, more smokers are looking at alternatives to their habit and one of the popular one is electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes. There is a huge community rallying around them now and while most members are happy to give newcomers the benefit of their collective wisdom, it can be hard to understand what they’re going on about when it comes to different types of vaping devices, juices and modding! So we’re going to cut through some of the waffle and help you figure exactly what and how these devices can help you so you have a solid start towards a cigarette free life.

Why Use Electronic Cigarettes?

Before getting into the bits and pieces, let’s take a longer look at the whole device. An electronic cigarette is a device which allows you to get your hit of nicotine (or just your habit of puffing on something with your coffee) without the over 4,000 chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes don’t give off any smoke; instead, they just give off water like vapor with is almost odor-free and won’t harm those around the smoker. Electronic cigarettes are often flavored, either with traditional tobacco flavors or with more exotic flavors. Most e-cigarettes are now automatic; as you suck on it, the heating element (coil) inside the device is activated, the liquid in the tank is heated and vaporized and you can inhale it and then exhale simple vapor. In short, they’re safer than traditional cigarettes, they give you far more options and they can even be rather fun! But if you don’t smoke in the first place, stay away because nicotine is addictive!


The Parts of an Electronic Cigarette

An electronic cigarette has three sections:

  1. A tank: The tank holds the vaping juice Ejuice

  2. An atomizer: This is where the heating element is and the heating element turns the juice into vapor
  3. A battery to power it.


A cartomizer, is when the tank and atomizer are built into one.

On the face of it, a device like this is very simple! You may get more confused when you hear about people who customize their devices to do things like have longer lasting batteries, different tanks and different heating elements. But don’t get muddled by it; you have all the time in the world to learn how to ‘mod’ your device as time goes on.

Starting Kits

All right, so you know now that an electronic cigarette is a device which allows you get your hit of nicotine without the zillions of other chemicals by heating a vapor. But there are all kinds of kits out there you can purchase to get started, so how do you navigate your way through those? Well, first of all, there are about four broad kinds of ‘kits’ out there which you can use to start vaping. They are the following:

  1. One-use E-Cigarettes: Disposable  E-cigarettes are the simplest devices. They look just like traditional cigarettes and you can’t even see a battery, juice or atomizer (which means you can’t change anything up). You use them until they die out and then you junk them. They’re the cheapest and easiest to use, but they also tend to taste the most foul and they don’t have a lot of power to them and they can be pretty expensive. You can generally get these at gas stations or places like Wal-Mart. Some companies online sell a higher quality version like V2 Cigs puts into a lot of their starter kits.

  2. Cartridge E-cigarettes: These are the types of hot selling cigs you will probably most commonly see, they consist of two pieces. A cartomizer and a battery, generally they are not refillable. Some brands have an optional refillable tank such as V2 Cigs. You usually get  5-10 cartomizers in a package pre-filled and they each last about a day to day and a half. These are the types to what most people call e-cigarettes. Mostly have a 510 battery, KR808D-1 or KR808D-2 which Green Smoke has and it’s non compatible with other brands.
  1. eGo”: eGo electronic cigarettes are the most common kind and the most beloved by many vapers as they are easily modifiable. You can mix and match your batteries, tanks and atomizers to create a ‘kit’ that suits your needs. Almost all electronic cigarette companies worth their salt offers these kinds of kits, from Joyetech to Boge and they are very easy to find. If you’re trying to quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, eGo is probably the best way to go as you can really decide what you want. With refillable making these a more affordable option.

  1. VV/Variable Wattage Mods: Otherwise known as personal vaporizer mods, these ‘mods’ let you use rechargeable batteries and vary your voltage/wattages to get your perfect vaping experience. They tend to be very affordable-particularly the ones from China, though the ones from the States like the Provari are more expensive, but have a higher quality to go with it. VV/VW mods are most commonly used by those who are fully committed to vaping and have moved beyond eGo’s.
  1. Mechanical Mods: Mechanical mods may be no frills, but they are perfect for people who love to tinker with their electronic cigarettes and want to make precisely what they want. The initial device is very simple-you get the tube and rechargeable battery and then you build your own coils to create the voltages you want. These are very distinctive and they are a source of pride and honor among vapers because it shows that you are a true ‘veteran’ vaper.

Most beginners go with 2 piece cartridges such as V2 cigs, or a brand like Bull Smoke to save money. These are the people just trying to quit smoking and not vaping for fun. Vapers then move up to  eGo electronic cigarettes, VV/VW mods and occasionally the one-shot ones if they’re desperate or the mechanical mods if they love to tinker. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to experiment, have fun with your electronic cigarettes and learn all you can about this alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Enjoy!


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