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considered to be a combination of the best features of the Trident and the Helios RDAs


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April 18, 2014

The Atomic RDA by MCV

The Atomic RDA by MCV is a nearly entirely rebuildable dripping atomizer, giving you some amazing options for your mods. It’s considered to be a combination of the best features of the Trident and the Helios RDAs which are considered to be some of the best around. It has many amazing features and you don’t even have the price tag as a consideration! So what makes this RDA worth a purchase?

Atomic RDA-2What the Atomic RDA Offers

The Atomic RDA, purchased through Be Vape Happy, is a completely rebuilding dripping atomizer. It has both single and duel coil capabilities and it is compatible with many mechanical mods and variable volt/variable wattage vaporizers. It is nineteen millimeters wide and made with stainless steel.

What makes it so great for people who love to build their mods from the ground up is the fact that you have many options. You have to six airflow options: 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm and you can have duel air holes or one, depending on your preferences. You can use a lower gauge wire without crushing anything: 24-28 gauge wire as opposed to other RDAs which usually go no lower than about 30 gauge wire. This means you can build lower resistance devices and furthermore, means you get amazing vapor and flavor. Airflow adjustment is pretty easy to do. Unscrew the cap, remove the sleeve and then adjust your airflow. Use the sleeve to determine whether you want single or dual air holes, pop the top cap back on and you’re done.

Other nice little design elements: the single O-ring is nice and fat so things screw on and stick properly, the stainless steel design is attractive and the deck is smaller, allowing for smaller gauge wiring.

Benefits of the Atomic RDA

Atomic RDA-3We’ve already gone over many of the benefits: compatibility, six airflow options, duel or single air holes and the ability to use a variety of coils. Other benefits include:

  • Fantastic flavor! You’ll get nuances and accents that you never tasted before

  • Very strong and dense vapor is produced from the device

  • Fully rebuildable

  • Can go as low as 24 gauge wires without anything getting crushed.

  • Price tag: $90.00! This is cheaper than the Helios or the Trident, but has none of the few issues with them.

However, do keep in mind that you need to know how to build your coils in order to make the most of this device, so it’s best used by people with experience in creating RDA builds.

The Atomic RDA by MCV is an amazing rebuilding dripping atomizer. You get strong and flavorful vapor, up to six air holes and the ability to use lower gauge wires. And at $90.00, the price is certainly right! So pre-order it today and enjoy.

Atomic RDA-1


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