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Available Flavors: 7
Nicotine Strengths: 4
Cartomizer Price (5 Pack): $16.99
Limited Warranty: 1 Year
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Lifetime Warranty on Batteries
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May 27, 2014

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Reviewed


Green smoke is one of the pioneers in the electronic cigarette industry. There brand gives off a “Green” portraying healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. If you look at around on the internet you will find a lot of mixed opinions but sure enough they are a truly successful company. Whether it’s because of the quality of the product or just aggressive marketing, that’s what we are going to uncover in this review. Green Smoke being one of the first cartridge style e-cig I’ve ever used I have some good insight as every new brand I try I compare back to my original Green Smoke. What’s Inside

Green Smoke Discount



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  • (2) KR808D batteries Batteries
  • 10 Flavored Cartridges
  • 1 USB Cigarette
  • 1 USB Charger
  • Home and Car Adapters
  • Plus FREE fits-in-your-pocket Deluxe Carrying Case to hold them all


Green Smoke is truly too expensive for what you get and why you should read about Halo G6 our top rated brand


Total Cost $99.00 This is one of the most popular kits, as it’s enough to get vaping and you can just swap batteries while the other one charges. 10 cartridges should last you about 3 weeks if you are not too heavy on the puffing. The USB pass though has come in handy a few times, especially when you leave your e-cig out in the car when it’s below freezing out and it dies quickly. At least you have something to USE! However the drag resistance it’s different than the batteries, it flows a lot more freely. I prefer the battery resistance but that’s just my personal opinion. A portable charging pack would be nice like Blu cig’s have been marketing, but Green Smoke doesn’t have it currently in their line up. Green Smoke Pro kitThere marketing is really good. I had no signs of buyers remorse when opening up the older style magnet-top box. The graphics and felted battery holders are all well put together, Green Smoke is one of the few companies that truly understand the power of presentation. Making the product look good is half the battle and the user will alone justify the purchase on that behalf. Battery life and performance KR808DGreen Smoke uses a popular battery model KR808D. The short battery has a mAh rating of 160, while the long one is rated at 270 mAh, the short battery was able to last me about half a day, and I got a full day to day in half for the longer one. The longer one lasted my wife a week but she would only take a few puffs during the day and put it away. Generally the short battery will last about 200 puffs and longer one about 300 puffs. I’ve had varying amounts on depending the charge.

The only real problem I have with these batteries is the air inlet is at the tip where the green tip lights up. The small hole can get plugged up easily and it’s pretty much impossible to clean it out. Tip- try to keep them in the case and not just throwing them in the your pocket. This happened to me, I kept it in my pocket a lot and one day it was clogged up and in my pocket I felt something burning and it was the Green smoke fully light and hot as a mofo.. I had to keep blowing and sucking on it until it stopped. I couldn’t get it to charge properly after that, so I contacted Green Smoke and they were happy to send me a FREE replacement in the mail. I got it not even 5 days later.


Otherwise, since that one time I haven’t had an issue with any of them, I’ve dropped them consistently and seem quite good quality and shock resistant.


I do wish they had a manual battery, I’ve lately become a manual battery lover as I don’t have to start puffing to get a good throat hit. They also use a D-2 KR808D not a D-1 which is sold by generic brand battery makers, this makes you stick with Green Smoke’s program. Smart for them, more expensive for you! but there are adapters out there, I just haven’t bothered to source them as I have too many e-cigs already :)

Vapor and Throat hitgreen smoke vs ego Green Smoke is famous for their ability to produce big clouds of smoke from their combination of PG and VG and it’s TRUE. These things can keep up with my current daily variable voltage Smoketech EGO Winder. Here’s a picture comparing the vast size comparison difference. It only produces a slightly less amount of vapor than my $100 EGO… so that is impressive. Green Smoke isn’t the harshest throat hit out there, V2 or South Beach is going to be a bigger hit but I prefer the smoother throat hits personally. Flavors

They have improved the number of flavors from 4 to 8. So I haven’t tried the new ones yet, I plan on trying them soon. Of the ones I have tried and what are the most popular amount friends I’ve tested with are Red label, Mocha mist and their menthol is far superior than most of the brands out there. All the tobacco flavors have a nutty finish to them that I can’t seem to find anything similar to in E-liquids. Which kinda drives me man, because I thing Green Smoke’s flavors are the most refined in the business. Too bad they are $17 per 5 pack, cheaper in bulk obviously, and no one knows if they outsource the liquid or it is in house. It’s still a small price to pay for quality and superior taste.
  • Absolute Tobacco
  • Red Label -Awesome
  • Gold
  • Menthol Ice
  • Mountain Clove
  • Mocha Mist – Really good
  • Vanilla Dreams
  • Smooth Chocolategreen smoke flavors


Strong 2.4%
Full 1.8%
Light 1.2% (my usual)
Ultra Light 0.6%
Zero 0%

Wrapping it up

So to sum things up in a nutshell, Green Smoke is a higher end electronic cigarette and if you were smoking a better cigarette before, you’ll want a better quality e-cig for the transition in my opinion. Awesome vapor, amazing taste, Great customer support. Higher than average prices. But pales in comparison to our top rated company read up on Halo E-cigs Review

The Good

  • Vapor Presentation Flavors


  • Expensive
  • Incompatible batteries
  • Technically non-refillable

Green Smoke Discount



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Conclusion Rating
4 stars

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