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April 19, 2014

Halo G6 Review

Ok this review is intended for new E-cigarette users looking to upgrade from store bought disposables or cheap brands found in Wal-marts etc and wanting to invest into a more legit product with higher quality rather than just trying to kick the tobacco habit but actually wanting to enjoy the vaping experience. This is a really good comparison among the most popular E-cig and in my opinion the best E-cig.

You may have stopped smoking with e-cigarettes and you maybe asking yourself is this it? I’m not really getting my money worth nor an I satisfied anymore. You may have bought every type of brand you can find at the deli or gas station and want more…

That’s how I used to feel back 2 years ago when I quit smoking and I needed something more something better. I wanted to keep vaping on a daily basis because I enjoyed it. It relaxes me, gives me something to do when I’m bored rather than stuffing my face with food etc.

So you might start doing research.. typing in Google stuff like “electronic cigarette brands” etc and it’s hard to miss V2 cigs. They are everywhere and rated very high in all these review type websites.

v2 cigs review

So I tried them myself and ordered the cheapest kit called the express kit plus a sampler pack of all their different flavors. Luckily I used a 10% off coupon, from a previous review here on NCPTSD and was able to get my kit for cheap when combined with the 15% off store-wide sale also. So not a bad deal and I also received my package not even 3 days later.

If you’ve ever ordered an e-cig before online you may be familiar with the same anticipation and excitement when you get your order in the mail. You tear open the bubble wrap and open up the nicely presented magnetic snapping box and ruffle through the instructions basically ignoring them and quickly pull out the cartomizers and screw them on to the battery.


 Buyers Remorse Sets In


I took my first few vapes, and man I’m in heaven such huge puffs of vapor coming out of my mouth, a huge step up from that gas station crap. However after 10 minutes it started to fade on me, so try another cartomizer and it’s great for a couple of hours then it starts losing it’s flavor and then it’s pretty much dead. I went though 12 cartomizers in a week and I’m pretty much done my package.

The flavors are ok but fall short of amazing. I did enjoy the V2 Red, Mint tea, and I’m a big coffee fan. Some of the flavors just nasty like the Sahara I really hated and would only use it if I’m desperate. They also felt really dry in my mouth almost chalky.


My thoughts EXACTLY!


So here’s my Overview of V2


1. Price – Really good if you buy the express kit or starter kit and find a coupon or when they have store wide sales.

2. Battery – The batteries are good quality but get the manual so you don’t have to prime puff it. They will accept any KR808D-1 Cartomizer which includes the Halo G6 which is coming up next.

3. Cartomizers – This is where I felt V2 let me down. I’m so disappointed in the flavors, except for the coffee and Red which you can get the juice and use it in other devices, but as far as cartomizers they really taste nasty when they are close to being empty and I actually had one that was defective from the start.

4. Customer service – I dealt with customer service once because I was a bit upset how the flavors lasted inconsistently and this was due to their sampler pack. Apparently they are filled differently than the regular ones. They only really tried to sell me more product instead of trying to rectify the problem. I would have gladly taken a free pack of Coffee again but it was never offered.

Overall: V2 batteries are probably the best thing they have going for them for having a high voltage on such a a mini device. I really don’t like their flavors as a whole because the vape dies off so quickly and so does the throat hit, flavor and you go through too many cartomizers.

Halo G6 Review

halo g6 starter

I’ve read about Halo on-line and while they aren’t at the top of all these review charts I find a lot of good talk about them in small forums and from others using them. They just don’t pay their affiliates as much as V2 does so other review sites (not us) rank them lower than V2. However, they are the superior product in every way.


High Quality!


Their e-liquids are all produced in the USA so this immediately lowers my concerns of breathing in chemicals from some made in China brands, I’m sure China is great but their air quality etc is nothing like it is here. So moving on I bought the Halo G6 and let me tell you about it…

So after being disappointed with V2 it was  such a breath of fresh air having Halo delivered to my door and I quickly unwrapped it. It came with two 78mm batteries, a wall charger, USB charger and a couple of blank cartomizers as well as a 5 pack of pre-filled flavored cartomizers. I also got a pack of their sampler Tobacco pack.of e-juice which had 6 of their best selling such as Torque56, Turkish Tobacco, Midnight Apple, Prime15, Longhorn and Tribeca E-liquids.

Immediately I noticed the quality of the Halo G6, it looks awesome. The kit comes in a great looking tin, yet rugged packaging. The batteries are rubberized coating finish so they don’t slip or get easily damaged if you drop them or leave them in your pocket with lose change like I do. Also the sealed cases that the cartomizers come in are great for not leaking in your pocket or get dinged up.




The best advantage of advantage of going with Halo is their cartomizers are refillable unlike V2 and so now I basically have one I keep for testing new flavors and the others I keep refilling with the same e-liquids I like the best such as Torque 56 and Tribeca which became my two favorite very quickly.

Also that burnt taste I was getting with V2… non-existent with Halo.

The flavors Halo produces are the best I’ve ever had, even if I didn’t use the G6 I would still buy the flavors from them. V2 can well.. gave them to the wife to use!


Pretty much felt like this guy!

Halo G6 Overview and upgraded Triton


1. Pricing – It was $80 to get started with my starter kit but it came with 12 cartomizers and 42 ml’ s of e-juice. It’s well worth the price and it’s still cheaper than going with a comparable V2 kit.

2. Battery – Best in the business. I have one automatic and one manual. I prefer the manual as you can get a heavier vape off it and you don’t need to prime puff it to get the vacuum going. They also perform steady from start to finish not the typical dying off like I experience with other brands.

3. Charging – You charge for 8 hours before using even though you can use it a bit they don’t come fully drained. They charge like any other KR808D-1 and you can use your V2 batteries if you still have them.

4. Cartomizers – Here’s where Halo gets set apart from the competition, They are designed to last and be refilled. They also hold more than V2 (i’m guessing V2 makes a lot of money off reordering Cartomizers from them). Not the case here because I can put whatever I want in them and I know exactly how much I’m using. They deliver awesome throat hit, you can really extract the flavor when inhaling and it remains consistent from start to the last drop.

5. Flavors – They have such an amazing line of premium flavors and they can sit on your self for quite some time and they still taste exactly the same as when you first opened it. Unlike V2 cartomizers where if you leave them open they dry out. I love Tribeca, Torque 56, HX3 and Prime-15 but wasn’t in love with Captain Jack or Midnight Apple but that’s my personal taste buds.

6. Customer service – I had a momentary issue with a battery and they offered to replace it and even pay for the shipping. I didn’t have to do it because It was just some ejuice on the connection that wasn’t letting it charge. All good now, but it’s great to know they support their products very well.



Halo is the best cigarette looking type e-cig on the market today. I hope I talked you out of using V2 or any other brand like Green Smoke who’s prices are just ridiculous . The claimed “Infiniglow, flameguard and thermoflow” tech is extremely noticeable and their flavors are just amazing and anyone you talked to who uses them will confirm this with me.



Ordering from Halo, select one of the kits you’d like and enter coupon code “vapepro05” to save at checkout




Been Vaping Electronic cigarettes for 2 years, current favorite is Vaporzone

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Great overall product
5 stars

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  • Dave says:
    5 stars

    Very helpful review. I am one of those who has been confused by all the reviews. I have tried several brands including Bullsmoke and V2 and while I can’t say they are bad, I just didn’t think they lived up the hype. As a 20+ year smoker, I still want the look and feel of a real cig. but have been dissapointed in the taste and the amount of vapor I have found in the brands I have tried so far. I was almost ready to give up on the e-cigs but your review has convinced me to give Halo a try.


    • Sam says:

      I feel your pain Dave, Halo will bring new life to your e-cig hunt. Most of the other review sites don’t even vape themselves so how would they even know

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