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Kicks Like A Mule… and Like a Mule, Gets Bored Easily


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April 8, 2014

Panzer Black Hawk by MCV Reviewed

The Panzer Black Hawk by MCV is an offshoot of the MCV Panzer and a special edition offshoot at that. Named for heavy hitting German tanks, this mechanical mod features a powerful kick of vapor, good cloud production and a very sleek, one of a kind appearance. So is this one to add to your mechanical mod collection?

Panzer Black Hawk

The Mod

Like its mainstream counterpart, the Panzer Black Hawk is made from stainless steel; it’s fairly large and heavy and has a brass ring and firing button. The big difference in appearance is the black oxide coating to make it look extra cool, though keep in mind that this means the coating will oxidize quickly and it won’t always look always look so cool the more you use it. Otherwise, it looks basically identical to the Panzer, right down to the four vent holes, very smooth threads and the ease of keeping pieces flush together.

Panzer Black HawkLike the Panzer, this piece is made with five smaller pieces: a top piece with the logo and a copper adjustable pin that allows you use different batteries without worrying about too much rattling. The black oxide coating comes off more quickly on the threads though, so watch for that. Then of course there is the main battery tube and the bottom piece with the firing pin which locks in place by turning it to the right and unlocks by turning to the left. The other two pieces are there to let you use the Black Hawk in a variety of different modes. For the 18350, you only need the three main pieces, but for the 18500 and 18650, you’ll want to use the other pieces to give your battery more space.

For the OCD vapers in the room, the logo and the Black Hawk name won’t line up in the 18350 and 18500 mode due to the pieces. Eh.

So there’s what you’ll be looking at when you get your piece. Actually using it is another matter.



Kicks Like A Mule… and Like a Mule, Gets Bored Easily

Panzer Black HawkThe Black Hawk has the same kick as the Panzer; a pretty unbelievable one! It creates very large clouds of vapor and it can be further modded to work in one of three modes: 18350, 18500 and 18650, depending on which battery you prefer. The firing button is also immediate: you push it, you get vapor!

Unfortunately, it may be powerful, but the power doesn’t necessarily last long. With regulated batteries and systems, you’re looking at a battery power drop off as soon as forty five to ninety minutes. So if you’re look for consistently strong kick, you better keep a good stock of batteries!


Getting One of Your Very Own

Panzer Black HawkThe Black Hawk is something of a limited, special edition piece and as such it may be difficult to find and furthermore, it’s pricey-between $249 and $299 (and possibly more), depending on where you get it. However, you do get something which is very well designed, gorgeous and gives a powerful kick, though do watch that black oxide coating as it erodes swiftly, particularly on the threads.


For those who love mechanical mods and particularly love special edition pieces, the Black Hawk may be just what you’re looking for. It has Panzer’s kick and attention to detail when it comes to modifying it further, but it’s jet black with the hawk engraved on the firing button. It’s a gorgeous piece with a solid kick to it and a solid build that will last a long time, even with the matte black oxide coating. Enjoy!



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