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April 18, 2014

Panzer Mod by MCV


The Panzer is a mod from MCV which boasts on being the hardest hitting mod in the vaping market today, backed up by people like Rip Trippers and other vaping reviewers. Thanks to a push from veteran vapers, many companies are now looking at creating plenty of mechanical mods for vapers to experiment with and that means that companies are constantly trying to one up each other! If you’re looking for a hard hitting mod, then Panzer may have won the arms race-at least for now.

What’s Inside the Box?

Panzer ModThe Panzer is a stainless steel piece that is nice and large and pretty heavy. It has copper contact pins-though you can switch these out for silver contact pins if you can find them-and they have nice deep grooves to allow you to tighten and loosen the system with ease without risking a loss of batteries!

It’s a very attractive system with five separate pieces (though you only need three of them; the other two are there to help you make the most of different battery types). All five of them have a unique design which looks beautiful together. The threads are smooth and it’s made from stainless steel with a brass firing button. The connection piece has very detailed machining with 510 threads and it’s set up in such a way that other devices can be screwed on flush. The battery tube has four vent holes and the firing pin section has a copper contact (which you can replace with silver if you like) and a firing button that is easy to use. What’s nice about the Panzer Mod is that it has no floating pins and no spring which means you don’t have to worry about oxidation problems causing voltage issues in the future. The other two pieces are just there in case you want to use different batteries; the Panzer mod allows for 18650, 18500 or 18350 modes, though you may have to do a bit of fiddling to ensure that your battery won’t rattle around (particularly in the 18350 mode).

Panzer ModDo keep in mind that it is a bit bulky and it can be heavy for some people; however, that’s what you get for having a stainless steel build and plenty of room!

The other big advantage of the Panzer is that it hits like a train and it hits consistently like a treat. You get a solid cloud of vapor even after a 1 second draw and 3-5 seconds could nearly fill a small room! The Panzer is considered to have the strongest hit of any mod around and since it is built without springs and with things like stainless steel, the risk of oxidization is very small meaning that you won’t lose voltage easily. Even batteries which are running dry still deliver a good hit.

Cons of the Panzer

Unless you count ruining you for all other mods, there really aren’t many cons for the Panzer to contend with. If you’re using an 18350 battery mode, you will have to do some more fiddling to keep the battery from clattering around. The system itself may also seem a bit too large and clunky for your hands, but that’s a matter of comfort. And finally, you do get what you pay for: you may get an amazing system, but at about $200.00, it’s something of an investment into your mod collection!

Panzer ModYou do get what you pay for though and the Panzer Mod by MCV certainly delivers. You get a mod with a strong hit, a solid and elegant design and the ability to tweak it further to your likes. For mechanical mod lovers, this is definitely worth the price tag; it will look great in your collection and it’s great to use.

We definitely recommend this mod and would point out that it’s well worth saving up the money for it. It’s a true collection piece, fun to use and an all around great mod. So enjoy!


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