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March 27, 2014

The Hades Mechanical Mod by Footoon

There are many different ways to vape out there, but veterans and the equivalent of computer geeks, there are mechanicals mods-or modifications-which allow you to do different things with your vaping experiences, most commonly get a stronger kick out of your juice and a more powerful battery to go with it. One of these mods is the Hades Mechanical Mod by Footoon, sold through RawVapez. It’s one of the most powerful mechanical mods as it’s a 26650 mod, one of the few out there. As a powerhouse, it offers a strong kick and for mod geeks, it’s something of a wet dream. So what can you expect from this mod and is it worth the rather steep price tag?

What Do You Get for Your Buck?The-Hades-Mod

The Hades is first of all a very beautiful device. Where many other mods arrive in the hands of their owners with machine oil still on the contacts, necessitating a good clean before use, the Hades is clean and gleaming right from the start. The stainless steel and brass design also means that it’s fairly easy to care for and keep it looking nice for a long time.

The Hades isn’t just attractive; it’s also very utilitarian in its design. It has six vent holes, an easy to use locking ring (spin clockwise to lock the battery in place and counter-clockwise to loosen it so you can change it), a fairly responsive firing button (though it can seem a bit sticky if you’re not very strong) and an adjustable pin so that a range of batteries and atomizers will fit flush. This mod also features a silver plated brass contact which is very conductive, meaning you get a strong hit.

And speaking of strong hit, due to the fact that this is a 26650 mod, you get one heck of a hit! It’s easily comparable and surpasses other 26650 mods due to the power of the contacts and the battery. It may kick your teeth in if you’re not ready for it!

Other perks: a long battery life of about 2-3 hours compared to the usual 1 hour for many other mods and the system can be fiddled with to make it better. For example, the pin switch contains a spring which can cause the pin to fall out or can oxidize and reduce hit life. This spring can be removed with no detrimental effects. The battery may also rattle a little, but this can be also easily undone.

Cons of the Hades

There are a few things to bear in mind before you go plunging through the River Styx. First of all, this system is expensive; about $220! Furthermore, it’s unregulated, meaning that you get battery drop off and a diminished vape quality. So, this piece is more expensive than its regulated counterparts-the DNA20 for example is less than $200.00 and ‘clones’ of this system will be cheaper still. But for those who are seeking a mechanical mod trophy, it’s hard to beat this one! The firing button can also be tough to push if you have arthritis, sore hands or just weaker fingers. Think of it as muscle training!

The System

The entire system is about 28.5mm in diameter and it contains three parts: the battery tube with vents, a firing pin with a very nifty logo and the locking ring which is very easy to use-a spin clockwise locks it and a spin counter clockwise unlocks it. You can adjust the pins and tighten them to reduce rattle and to add your own battery and/or atomizer.

Due to the price tag though, this system is best for mechanical mod nuts; those who look upon mods as trophies and show pieces and not something to use every day. It’s also fun to fiddle with and fairly sturdy. However, the high price tag will chase off casual vapers and the fact that there are cheaper, regulated alternatives will probably be more attractive. Still, for those who want a gorgeous and powerful mod, it’s awfully tough to beat the Hades and it will just look so very cool in your collection.

Recommended? Only for hard-core mechanical mod nuts and those who want a trophy piece. Otherwise, you’re better off with something like the DNA20 which is regulated, cheaper and still gives a good punch.


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