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water vapor cigarettesWater vapor cigarettes, smokeless cigarettes, electric cigarettes, e-cigs, vapor smokes, there are many names of these new devices, well technically they are an old device redesigned for modern use. Originally developed by Herbert A. Gilbert in 1963. They generally use a battery, and an atomizer (heating element), that vaporizes the e-liquid which are primary a mix of propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycol with some optional nicotine and flavoring. So are they just water vapor? As you can see no..

Understanding the dangers of e-cigarettes are vapor cigarettes safe, bad or harmful

Generally speaking we don’t recommend people to start “vaping” unless you are already smoking tobacco, then it can be a great aid to break your habit of smoking but it’s also been proven attractive to non-smokers such as teens because of the flavorings such as fruits, cappuccino, chocolates, dessert flavors etc. While they are all available in non-nicotine strengths; it’s best not to start as most teens try the nicotine versions and nicotine is highly addictive. While it’s never been proven to be a carcinogen or have any long term effects. We have a longer post on the effects of propylene glycol in electronic cigarettes


What is the best vapor cigarette or e-cigarette

That depends on a couple of factors, here at NCPTSD we review many brands and it’s hard to keep up with all the new ones coming out, while we love one brand one month we may get a new one to review and will recommend the new one more so it’s important to stay up to date by subscribing to our blog and viewing our electronic cigarette brands. Some of the things we look at are

  • Affordability
  • Design
  • Flavor selection and quality
  • Customer service


For the past year we have recommended Bull smoke for the budget conscious, V2 cigs for average person, Green Smoke for the people looking for refined flavorings but vapor zone has been our #1 currently as I write this for their vast selection of quality vapor devices and e-liquid selections.

 where to buy vapor cigarettes and reviews

You can just about buy e-cigs about anywhere such as you local shops and gas stations, but most of them are non-nicotine. You generally have to shop on-line to get better prices and for different nicotine strengths. Usually the levels of nicotine can be from 0%, 9%, 18% and 24% and each brand has a variation of those strengths.

The recommended quality brands we trust are


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Green Smoke == Visit official site

South Beach Smoke == Visit official site

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Where can I get a vapor cigarette free trial and shipping


Currently we know of a couple of good companies that have free trials

We wouldn’t recommend any other two companies for free trials currently as these are made in the US and others are in China and aren’t as trustworthy.



Sam has reviewed over 50 different e-cig devices and is an avid pro vapor on the fight against tobacco and FDA trying to regulate them.

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